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Over the past twenty years tens of thousands of West Australians have come to us for assistance with their taxation and accounting affairs. Prouse Family Accountants, specialises in supporting families by providing business, investment, superannuation and tax return services across Perth.

We’re a family business.

We believe exact knowledge, professional experience and crystal clear, straight forward communication is the key to every successful business relationship including those with tax accountants.



We speak to clients in plain English and answer questions with minimal jargon and maximum detail. We return phone calls quickly and answer emails – and we do our best to keep our fees reasonable.

That’s why clients find us approachable, relaxed and understanding.

We understand family life.

At Prouse, we know that “standard business hours” don’t always work best for most people. That’s why all of our metropolitan offices – Canning Vale 08 6145 1500, Marmion 08 9246 9055, Joondalup 08 9400 8400 and Mandurah 08 9535 5121 are kept open, by appointment, after hours and on Saturdays. You won’t find many tax accountants in Perth who will do that.

We can also visit our clients and prepare tax returns in their home or workplace, by appointment, weekdays, Saturdays and after hours.

Our client base is diverse – with families from various circumstances, backgrounds, cultures, countries and occupations. We also have considerable experience assisting and introducing new migrants to the Australian income tax and GST system.

We can help you save, plan, invest and retire.

Our family accountants do more than just tax return services. With the help of our industry partners, we can assist you with:

  • Managing your household budget and saving more effectively
  • Setting up a new business venture
  • Saving and investing to finance your children’s education
  • Buying your first home
  • Reducing your household debt
  • Financing vehicles, plant and equipment or business investments
  • Investing in shares or property tax more effectively
  • Setting up, operating and managing a self managed superannuation fund
  • Protecting yourself and your family with tax effective insurance
  • General taxation advice and planning


We’re professionals.

We’re experienced, qualified business professionals who specialise in tax returns and other tax services. Our staff belong to various professional bodies including the National Taxation & Accountants Association, the Tax Institute of Australia, the National Institute of Accountants and the Institute of Certified Book Keepers.

Our Perth tax accountants also have a range of experience dealing in the private sector including operating various small businesses ourselves over the years. We have numerous residential and commercial investment properties of our own and as such, we’re happy to share our knowledge and experience with our clients.

We’re different.

Call any of our offices including Canning Vale 6145 1500, Marmion 9246 9055, Joondalup 08 9400 8400 or Mandurah 9535 5121 and make an appointment to see how we can help with your accounts today.

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Rob Prouse
Prouse Family Accountants